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NBA, NHL's Plan to Salvage 2020 Seasons with Playoff Returns

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    The NHL was the first of the major sports that suspended their season to announce official plans to start up again. They announced their regular season is now officially over and they will instead jump right into a unique playoff tournament to finish out the 2020 season, that allows 24 teams. Training camps start July 1st. And the Stanley Cup presentation happens sometime in 'Autumn'. No exact details yet, and its contingent on players passing medical exams, among other things.

    N.H.L. Announces Plan to Return Straight Into the Playoffs

    The NBA hasn't officially announced anything, but its also looking pretty good for a return.

    The NBA’s possible July return at Disney World, explained

    Basically the idea is they would play in 3 different arenas in the Disney World complex in Florida, where players, staff and families could all stay in the Disney hotels. Pretty smart. But they haven't agreed if they would play some regular season games and then start the playoffs, or just skip straight to the playoffs, like the NHL is doing.

    To me its a no-brainer for the NBA to start up again, go straight to the playoffs and seed every team as if they played the full season. Of course as long as they comply with CDC guidelines and test everyone regularly.

    The league is expected to make an official announcement for return plans sometime in June, with play as early as July.

    Think these sports should be back at it on these timelines? Keep in mind they will play with no fans in the stands.