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Is NASCAR doing better than other sports organizations these days?

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    After a forced pause of 10 weeks, NASCAR has had to go back to the drawing board to figure out how it would return. Other sporting organizations have dropped out completely it seems. It's in the middle of the summer, and MLB still can't seem to get their stuff together. NASCAR just might have the winning formula... flexibility, and openness to change.

    NASCAR definitely went on a diet with their approach. They've cleared their calendar, which would have been full of qualifying days and practices, and made it to where it's just racing. That's right, NASCAR isn't doing practices or qualifying this season, and the results seem to be very positive for the sport. Drivers seem to like it as well. I think it makes the sport more exciting and unpredictable. Brad Keselowski put it best in my opinion.

    “The limited practice, show up and race, and the time window that benefits both the east and west coast,” said Keselowski. “No qualifying. Inversion from the week before is really good, because it mixes the field up and creates some good storylines there. "

    I agree with this totally. People are always complaining about how boring stock car racing can be. Well, here's your answer. Perhaps the other sports organizations should follow NASCAR's example. Cut the fat, and stick to what's most important, the sport itself.

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    Good point. NASCAR has more fat to cut though than other sports. MLB could cut the 'Spring training' but not sure what else. NBA is jumping into play-in tournaments, by finishing a truncated version of the regular season; they could cut the fat there by just starting the playoffs from the start.

    The NHL is doing it right by just jumping into the playoffs once they start up.

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    Yeah it seems like most of the leagues are getting something, if not, everything right with how they're adapting. MLB is definitely an example of how not to do it.