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Roger Goodell Finally Admits The NFL Was Wrong About Protests

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    This is good and infuriating at the exact same time. Good for the NFL for admitting they were wrong. Shame on them for condemning peaceful protests in the first place. And for misunderstanding/misrepresenting the issues in the first place. Isn't it odd that it took civil unrest in the streets before the NFL realized that simply kneeling before a game isn't that big of a deal? Of course a lot of this is the NFL changing its tune as the country ignites on this issue. And for that, I say good. Better late than never. Even the NFL is not immune to public opinion.

    One question though, why ZERO mention of Kaepernick?

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    I think we saw a big change in NFL's tune in the last Super Bowl commercials. If I'm not mistaken, NIKE took a big hit for associating with the movement as well. Still, it was pretty evident that the NFL realized they were on the wrong side of the argument.
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    As this continues to escalate, Goodell has gone farther. Now he is saying he 'welcomes' teams to consider hiring Kaepernick. Quite an about face. Roger Goodell On Colin Kaepernick's Possible Return to NFL: 'I Welcome That'

    Makes me wonder if Goodell is a good guy stuck in a bad situation on this issue the last few years and forced to tow company line OR if he is just saving face and changing course as the wind blows.