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NASCAR has finally given the confederate flag the boot.

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    This is long overdue, and shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. But NASCAR's roots run deep in the American South. Growing up southern myself, it seemed to be very common to see the stars and bars at least once a day. It was so common in fact, that it was like it wasn't even there, but yet it was, and shouldn't have been. I can't applaud NASCAR more for their efforts to change this year. The only question is, how are they going to enforce this new rule with all of the rowdy tailgaters that will eventually start attending races again?
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    It'll be an issue for a while. Already has been just a week or so after they banned it. You have people selling the flags directly across the street from race tracks, and doing well in sales. I think this will die down in some time, as long as NASCAR remains serious about the ban.
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    I have heard they are already getting fans asking about how far this rule goes. Like can they wear shirts with the flag on it. Or what if you have a confederate flag tattoo. That sort of thing. Seems NASCAR is fine with tattoos (duh, they have to be) and so far I heard as long as the flag isn't the prominent part of your clothing, then that's OK too. So Dukes of Hazard shirts are OK but a confederate flag turned shirt is not.

    I'm sure many will push those boundaries. And try to exploit all edge case grey areas.