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Cam Newton as a New England Patriot

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    Cam Newton gets a 1-year deal with the Patriots. He isn't guaranteed the starting gig, but I think between Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer, Cam is the superior talent. Definitely over Hoyer. We haven't really seen Stidham so I guess I can't say that for sure.

    I'm no Cam Newton fan, but its hard to argue his arm talent and dual threat nature. Given Belichick and under that system, I expect Cam to be the starter for the full year and for them to do surprisingly well.

    Think there's a chance Cam doesn't get the starting gig? Either way with a 1 year deal this is very low risk, high reward for the Pats, and seems pretty smart. You either have a great back up or a very capable starter.

    What do you expect from Cam with the Patriots this year?

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    I think he'll be the starter. He's brings too much star power to the table for Belichick not to start him. I feel like he knows that Cam is bringing alot of Panthers fans with him and he probably doesn't want to irritate them right off the bat, especially considering his other two choices.

    I think that if there's a coach out there that can benefit Cam Newton, it's Belichick. I just don't think Cam is a good quarterback, period. Belichick can't do anything with that and I think he knows it, thus the 1 year deal.

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    He gets a 1 year deal because he is injury prone. Even if he is at 100% of where he was when he was an MVP, he will always be at more risk of injury than others. Unless Bill really turns him into more of a pocket passer. And that's never really been Cam's strong suit. I think the Pats blew their wad on their defense and went cheap at QB so they didn't have to tank the season, hoping that Cam is 75% as good as he used to be at his former peak, that he remains relatively healthy for a full season, and that their running game and D can win them into the playoffs. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if that's what ends up happening.

    Would 10-6 surprise anyone, and a playoff spot at least as a wildcard, if not the division winner?