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Patrick Mahomes Makes History With Massive Contract Extension

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    I'm always impressed by the massive contracts that professional athletes get. Most of the time, it's been in the UFC or professional boxing. This time, it involves the NFL. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, also the star player of last season's Super Bowl, scored a $425.5 million contract extension with the Chiefs for 12 years. If no one else tops this, he will have the richest valued contract in American professional sports history.

    "Mahomes will receive $83 million-plus in signing bonuses from 2021 to '23 ($21.7 million in '21, $27.4 million in '22, $34 million-plus in '23). Those first three years are fully guaranteed, sources told ESPN's Jeremy Fowler.

    The Chiefs added $25 million in incentives over 10 years for Mahomes. Starting in 2022 and for 10 years running, Mahomes will have a $1.25 million incentive for winning the AFC Championship Game and a $1.25 million incentive for winning NFL MVP, a source told Schefter."

    I think he definitely deserves it. It was a pleasure watching him in the last Super Bowl. Although, this contract might get topped later down the road. I can definitely see this happening, but still, it's enjoyable to see a player get what he deserves.

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    With incentives in place, it's actually up to $503 million, for 10 years as he still has 2 years left on his rookie deal. Now, the chance of him playing out the full 12 years of the contract as is right now is kinda slim. More likely that it will get renegotiated in 5 years or so, assuming he stays healthy and the league starts churning out even more lucrative deals as the cap goes up and up. And of course assuming Mahomes produces as everyone expects for him too.

    That said, this is a win win for both the Chiefs and Mahomes. Only $141 million of it is fully guaranteed, but that is a record breaking number in and of itself. And as long as he starts each season, every season's salary is fully guaranteed too, so he has great protection built in from injury.

    I like the idea of a 10 year contract. Lock up your star QB for the long haul and not have to worry about it for a long time, at least in theory. Many have made the argument that Mahomes is proabably the only player in the entire league that isn't trade-able, and I think that's probably true. I think everyone else is trade-able, given the right price. But why in the world would the Chiefs ever trade Mahomes? What could you possibly get for him that would ever make it worth it? I guess 5-10 first round picks or something crazy like that? But even still, you would be gambling that you could land a solid QB in the draft and its very likely Mahomes is a once in a generation talent that won't be outdone for many years to come. So therefore, untrade-able. And that = pay the man!

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    It's crazy to me that the Chiefs would bank so much on Mahomes. A 12-year extension for that price is astronomical compared to what he's produced for the Chiefs so far. Yeah, he took them to the Super Bowl and won it. I give him all the credit for that. But that was one year. Cam Newton took the Panthers to the Super Bowl in his first year and look what happened after that. Nothing very special at all.

    I just think they put the cart before the horse on this one a bit too much.