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Washington's Name Change Officially In the Works

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    About time, I'd say. A press release came earlier today regarding the Washington Redskins. They announced that they would be officially retiring the Redskins name and logo. Washington owner Dan Snyder, who had vowed that the team's name would never change, has done a 180. We might not see an official new name for a few days, if not, a week or two due to a trademark dispute, but this is a good step forward for the team.

    What brought it about is when a group of investment firms in corporations such as FedEx, Nike, PepsiCo had made a coalition of sorts to ask other businesses to cut their ties with the Washington franchise unless it changed the nickname. Nike had even pulled Washington's merchandise from its online store. The franchise quickly began a review process of its name.

    It makes me wonder what other team names will be on the chopping block. The Braves perhaps?

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    Is about time. And a shame that it only came about because money is threatening to walk. They held on as long as they could, but people have been calling them the Washington Professional Football Team for a long time now, refusing to recognize their nickname. And in keeping, I won't even cite it here either.

    Any idea what they are going to change it to? Or what a good name would even be?

    I think the Cleveland Indians are going through similar drama and might be next...

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    Yeah, I know, right? I hear EA is scrambling to remove the nickname and logo from Madden 21. I've been looking around, so far they haven't said anything. I guess they're still going through the review process before they'll even decide on a new name and logo. They better do it quickly because the NFL season might actually go on as planned.
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    Washington will go by 'Washington Football Team' until further notice

    Finally happened.

    I heard rumors on the radio yesterday, via Reddit investigators, they could be considering changing to the DC Sentinels. I think that's pretty solid. Sounds like a soccer club. But is a massive improvement all the same.