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Should NASCAR have a minor league?

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    After seeing some pretty hectic driving in the 2020 O’Reily Auto Parts 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, I'm starting to think it isn't a bad idea. Driver Brad Keselowski seems to have been on this soap box for a while now:

    "...but there are certainly a handful of drivers that kindly I wonder exactly how they got to this level. Part of it plays into all the rules. When you’ve got this rules package with cars that are super easy to drive by themselves, it’s very hard for NASCAR, I think, to be able to tell who’s got it and who doesn’t...

    ...I would like to see drivers be able to graduate into this level and equally I’d like to see them be able to be removed from this level when they have repeated issues. I can’t speak enough to the gentleman that had that issue today, but I have seen in the past where drivers that have had this issue multiple times somehow are still here, where I think they should effectively be placed in a lower series or asked to go back to a more minor league level to prove their salt."

    This came after Quin Houff showed some very poor judgment on the track which altered the outcome of the race. For some reason, he tried to pit under green from the middle of the track. As he moved to the inside, he ran into Christopher Bell, and Matt DiBenedetto before slamming into the wall. This also ruined Denny Hamlin's chance of winning the race because he was set to be one of the top drivers once everyone had made their final pit stops. Since Quin Houff crashed before everyone could make their pit stops, Hamlin had to restart outside of the top ten.

    Quin Houff has crashed out in 4 of the 18 races this year, which isn't too terribly bad. But I agree with Keselowski. I think they should have some sort of minor league, or junior division so drivers can prove they've got what it takes. Does anyone else agree?

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    Definitely. If we have it for all the other sports, why not NASCAR? Gotta be enough interest and talent to support a minors. And it might open up the sport for drivers to emerge with practiced skill where they otherwise would not. Its a terrible time to start one, with Covid and all, but eventually, for sure. Do it. All for making the major races more clean and expert anyhow. This is the most dangerous sport going, so anything to make the race safer makes sense too.