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Release the Kraken! Seattle Announces 32nd NHL Team Name and Colors

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    It's official. The NHL's newest expansion team is the Seattle Kraken! The team announced their name, colors, logo and jersey design today. The Seattle Kraken mark the 32nd team to the league and will be playing in the Western conference.

    I have to say as a Blackhawks fan myself, those Kraken designs are 100% my favorite out of any NHL team now. Someone did a fantastic job coming up with them. I hope they translate well to the jerseys and merchandise.

    Here's an image of the logo and colors. Notice the Seattle Space Needle atop the secondary anchor Thumbs UpVery Happy:

    And here's the jerseys:

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the Kraken hit the ice. Here's to a successful start!

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    That's awesome. And a PERFECT choice. Glad they took their time with it because they nailed it.
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    As a Portlander, I absolutely LOVE the name choice! A number of friends who live in Seattle were hoping it was going to be this, so I'm sure they are quite happy. I'm a lifelong Blackhawks fan, but I'll be able to find room in my heart for the Kraken...whenever they aren't playing Chicago. Looking forward to getting up to Seattle and watching some games.