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Is It Open Season On The Houston Astros?

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    It hasn't even been a full week, and sparks are already flying. No surprise though. I'm sure every player in the league has had some pent up energy prior to the season starting. With all the unique chaos going on in the world, baseball fans focused with tunnel vision on the question of whether or not there would have been an MLB season in the first place. But many forgot, at least for a second that the Astros cheated. One thing I didn't think about was that professional baseball has a code of its own. There's far too much going on for fans to know every beef between every team and player. When it does come to a head, it's usually explosive and out of nowhere.

    It kind of reminds me of school days where one kid had a beef with another kid and waited for him to leave the safety of the building to beat him up. I this applies to the Astros. They had a fairly long off-season, they were safe and now the bell has rung and they have step outside. I'm sure there are teams out there looking for a bit of retribution, especially the LA Dodgers who lost to them in the 2017 World Series. Here's a bit of proof.

    Joe Kelly was with the 2017 Boston Red Sox when they were eliminated by the Astros. Perhaps he still had a bone to pick, who knows? But what I have seen sportscasters talking about is that even though the matter of the Astros' sign stealing scandal has been resolved by the league, there's an unspoken code that exists between teams. Looks like the Astros aren't out of the dog house yet. Does everyone else agree, and if so, do they deserve it? Should the teams take it upon themselves to delve out punishment?

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    You nailed it. Players don't forget that easily. And no one likes a cheater. Especially one that steals a championship chance away from you, and then gets the big trophy. Add on top of that empty stadiums, and players safe in the knowledge that everyone watching from home will be reminded by the commentators that the Astros are being picked on because of what they did.. almost gives other teams a perfect in for retribution.
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    Yeah, it doesn't help when the Astros are sporting a bad attitude as well.