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Washington releases Adrian Peterson, but why?

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    The Washington Football Team let Adrian Peterson go after being with the team for two years, prior to roster cuts. It seems as though the decision was a tough one for coach Ron Rivera. This is a release of a veteran we are talking about here. He's a seven-time Pro Bowl back, and was considered the best running back in the NFL while he was playing for the Minnesota Vikings. So I could see why it would be such a tough choice for the team, especially amidst the drama and backlash the team received during the name and logo change. Apparently Rivera explained that Washington was looking to go young. I guess this quote wraps it up:

    "For me it was personal," Rivera said following the announcement of Peterson's release. "It was very difficult. He was a tremendous professional. He thanked me and wished us luck. It epitomizes who he is as a person. I know he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer, so it's tough."

    "It's not about what he didn't do, it's about what these other guys were doing for us and allows us to go in the direction we feel good about," Rivera said of the decision to let Peterson go. "The guy's got football left in him."

    Is this a good change for the team during a somewhat tumultuous time? Perhaps is could be an image change by trying to get fresh blood in? Let's get some NFL fanatics to weigh-in on this.

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    It's a little confusing given they don't exactly have a clear #1. Maybe it was a contract, cap issue? Looking at their depth chart for RB on ESPN and its Antonio Gibson, JD McKissic, Peyton Barber and Bryce Love.

    Barber is just a backup, not really a #1. And McKissic, from memory is a complimentary pass catching back. A very good one, but not a bell cow.

    Then Love and Gibson.. both drafted in 2019. Looks like of the 4 its Gibson that will likely get the first chance to be the every down back, or at least the first and 2nd down back with JD coming in on 3rd, passing downs. And Barber maybe giving Gibson breathers and maybe being the goal line back, as I think he is by far the strongest of the four.

    Not sure where that leaves Love. I guess Bryce and Antonio will fight it out for #1 status. All that is to say that AP, while maybe the best running back to ever play the game doesn't really fit in this crowded back field at 35 years old. And maybe that means he is close to retiring, though he does say he wants to keep playing. Wonder what team goes after him?

    Lastly it says that Washington wants to do a lot of 2 back sets.. sure. I think that's what you say when you don't have a true bell cow. I think they WILL do that UNTIL they find their #1, then change their tune. Expect it will be Gibson.

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    Always weird and a little depressing to see a first ballot Hall of Famer cut from a bad team. Getting old enough now to have seen it happen a handful of times. Retirement is just around the corner for AP.
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    I personally chalk it up to Ron Rivera being a meh coach. I just don't think he has what it takes to put together and keep a great team like say, Andy Reid or Bill Belichick. I'm not sure why everyone in NC loved him so much.

    This being his first year in Washington I'd think he wouldn't make a decision like this so soon, especially with someone like Adrian Peterson.

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    That didn't take long. AP is now on the Lions. Smart move by Detroit, they have struggled running the ball for what feels like decades now. A 1-yr deal also makes sense, at the very least just to steady and reinforce their backfield. And who knows, AP might still have a handful of great games left, I think he does. This move could give the Lions 1-3 extra wins even over the course of the season, so kind of a no-brainer roster addition for a team that's otherwise very weak with running the ball.