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Texas flooding forced Bryon Nelson to convert a Par-4 into 104 yards

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    Due to heavy rain in the Dallas area all week, something awesome happened at the Byron Nelson. In round 2, to keep the tournament going, they actually had to convert a 406-yard Par 4 hole into a 104-yard Par 3. This was for the 14th hole. Originally, it was going to be a 104-yard par 4. But the PGA checked the rule book and made the change, but only after the fact. Many hearing the change and playing had no idea until after they finished out the round.

    Apparently there was additional 4+ inches of rain fall during the tournament, on top of the crazy down pour the area has seen during the month of May. Fun fact: this month of May was the most rain Texas had ever seen in a single month, a record 35 trillion gallons of rain!