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When will the Dallas Stars make it back to the Stanley Cup playoffs?

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    Living in Dallas, it sort of comes with the territory that you are in the hometown of some of the most well known sports dynasties. You have the Cowboys of course, then the Mavericks, the Rangers, and then you have the Stars. The latter I think has been overlooked and underrated in my hometown and state. Hockey just isn't as big as football, but there is something called "Star Madness", and perhaps it's happening again. The Dallas stars have made it into the conference finals for the first time since 2008. They haven't won a Stanley cup since 1999. I just wonder if and when they'll pull it off again. I was hoping to hear something from some Stars fans out there who could explain if they'll pull it or when. It's been a long time for this team. And for the most part they are consistently good. I just wonder when "Star Madness" will strike again.
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    If the Stars manage to win it all in 2020 they will most certainly deserve it. They will have to go through Vegas first, which I have my doubts on. They feel like massive underdogs there. But their offense scores so much at will that anything is possible - I mean they scored 5 goals in every win in the Avalanche series. Don't think any other team can say that.

    Then they will have to face the Islanders or even more likely the Lightning. I think the Lightning win it all. But if you can manage a series win over Vegas and Tampa Bay you went through the guantlet. Could happen this year though, as I think hockey is the hardest and most unpredictable of all the sporting playoffs.

    As for the Stars after this run, I have no idea. I thought they were close to needing to tear down and rebuild now, but they are proving me wrong. So currently just enjoying the ride.

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    Stars pull it off! They are in the Finals. Probably facing the Lightning. Pretty amazing run they have been on.