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Djokovic Accidentally Hits Line Judge, Gets Ejected from US Open

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    So #1 seed and US Open favorite Novak Djokovic was playing Carreno Busta in the Round of 16 and found himself down 5 sets to 6. Out of frustration he took a ball from his pocket and smacked it toward the back of the court. Unfortunately it hit a female line judge, directly in the throat. She fell to her knees and Novak immediately went over to see if she was OK.

    After several minutes of deliberation they decided to kick Novak out of the tournament completely, and Busta got to advance automatically.

    Novak Djokovic Out of U.S. Open After Accidental Hit of Line Judge

    I've never seen this before. Really sucks for all involved. Novak because he was still well on his way to win his 18th title, even though he was down. The line judge for getting hit hard in the throat of all places. And for the officials to have to make an example of Novak, because even though he didn't mean to do it, you have to punish that behavior so it never happens again.

    Do you think the officials acted too harshly? Or does it just feel that way because it happened to a star? Would this even be a question if Busta had done this instead?

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    You can almost perfectly hear Novak discussing the situation with the officials. He certainly kept his cool well. Don't have official video of the incident just yet but if you come across it post here. I think there should be a meet in the middle penalty for something like this, equivalent to a tech foul in basketball, of which you get 2 before ejection. One and done, especially over an accident seems unfair. Maybe he loses a set instead. But if that were the case, he woulda lost to Busta anyways, so... not sure.

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    Found it:

    Ouch, is all I can say. I can see why they booted him. He really didn't mean it, but he lost his cool for just a split second, and that was enough to hurt someone. I still feel bad for him because we've all been there. Nobody is perfect.