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These NFL Teams Are Allowing Fans for Home Games

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    Here are the seven teams allowing fans into their stadiums for the 2020 NFL season (so far):

    Cincinnati Bengals
    Cleveland Browns
    Dallas Cowboys
    Denver Broncos
    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Miami Dolphins

    Not sure if this will last the full season and I certainly expect for other teams to opt in and maybe some of these to opt out throughout the season, depending upon how well or how poorly this goes. But all the stadiums are taking a lot of health precautions and only allowing a very limited number of fans in.

    The Broncos for example are only going to allow roughly 10% capacity, all season ticket holders, selected via lottery.

    Think this is a good idea or a recipe for unnecessary disaster? I'm somewhat neutral on it. If the stadium feels they can make some money and only allow 10-25% capacity in, or some amount of people that can reasonably social distance, I really don't see the harm, especially during an afternoon game with an open stadium. You have thousands of season ticket holders that have paid in advance so if this can be done in a responsible way, at least some fans won't have wasted all that money on tickets.

    On the other hand, it is an example of hubris on the part of these NFL teams, expecting to be able to do a better job than the NHL, NBA and MLB, all of which finished out their truncated seasons without any fans in the stands. Will be interesting to see how this plays out over the course of the season.

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    I'm on the fence about it like you. I know some of these teams (Dallas and their huge stadium especially) need the money to keep the lights on. Still, I'm pretty much in the same camp of if we just stay home, and quit testing boundaries, we would be ever closer to things going back to normal.
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    Where each of the 32 NFL teams stands on allowing fans into stadiums

    Full update on this. Seems like we have gone from 7 or so teams to about 13. Dallas allowing the most, mostly because they have the biggest stadium allowing fans. A few are allowing 25% capacity now.