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NFL Coming Down on Coaches for Not Wearing Face Masks Properly

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    One week in, and a memo has already been sent out to teams and coaches, reminding them that they must wear face coverings on the sidelines. Apparently fines will be issued if coaches continue to ignore the guidelines on proper face covering standards. They aren't limited to one style of covering though. They at least have the choice of the same variety every one else does (masks, gaiters, shields). Several coaches have been spotted pulling their masks down regularly during games. Rams coach Sean McVay had his below his chin while Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy had his on the whole game. McVay thinks the memo was sent out directly pointed at him. I do think he is a pretty stark example of what not to do. Kind of reminds me of that person you see every day at the grocery store. You know the "too cool for school" type I'm talking about. :)

    Is this being blown out of proportion? I think not. They have to do everything they can to keep their season going. It would be a shame if just a few spoiled it for the rest. Thoughts?

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    I think if coaches and refs are tested every week and it comes back negative, then wearing a mask during a game is largely a statement for the fans at home watching than anything else. They want to send the message that its the right thing to do to wear a mask, but I do not think its necessary if the NFL is following the strict testing and social distancing pre and post games, like they so far have been and have set up. The pre and post game protocols are far more important than a coach wearing a mask during the game.

    Andy Reid wore a face shield during the opening night Thursday game, and he lifted it up at least once to talk to an official. It really made the whole proposition of wearing that shield seem dumb when he did that. In my opinion, he shouldn't have to wear it at all.

    The NFL doesn't want backlash for being branded as the league that isn't taking this seriously. They are already letting fans in the stands, and that's gutsy enough. They don't want to turn a large segment of the viewing audience off my being so cavalier as to not wear a mask, even when in reality its not necessary. Its PR, annoying but understandable.

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    NFL Hits 3 Coaches And Teams With Large Fines For Not Wearing Face Masks

    Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos coaches all fined $100K + the teams got another $250K fine. The NFL just made over a million dollars in fines from these three head coaches and teams because they didn't wear their face coverings properly.