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Big Ten voting on holding an abbreviated football season

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    Big Ten Conference presidents and big wigs are going to be voting on whether they will reverse course and go on having an abbreviated fall college football season. It looks like they're considering a move towards allowing conference games that could start as early as mid October, or as late as the 31st of October. I think this is good, because it would at least let schools have at least eight games prior to the College Football Playoff, which is scheduled (for now) in December.

    I'm 50/50 on college football starting back in general. The NFL has a hard enough time as it is to get everyone to follow the proper guidelines. Now bring college kids into the mix. I've read some recent stories lately that parties are starting back up on campuses, and some are believing it's coinciding with these schools having their first home games since this all started. I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

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    It is a tall order to expect hundreds of college kids to perfectly social distance over the course of a multiple month long season. But I don't really see the harm, as an experiment. Give it a go, and if it fails, shut it down. If it doesn't, good for college football and the fans.