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The Most Improbable Cowboys Win of All Time

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    No team has ever scored 39 points, had zero turnovers, and lost an NFL game. Since the league started keeping track of turnovers back in 1933, the record for this situation was 440-0. So this scenario has happened hundreds of times and always produced the same outcome.

    Until Dallas played Atlanta in Week 2 of the 2020 season. But that's not the only crazy stat of this game.

    Dallas ended up winning this game 40-39. But the Cowboys never lead in this game for a single snap. They trailed the entire game until the final snap, to win it on field goal that put them over the top. So the official time Cowboys lead was 0 seconds.

    No quarterback in the history of the NFL has ever thrown 400+ yards and rushed for 3+ TDs. Dak Prescott threw for 450 yards and rushed for 3 touchdowns. So he now stands alone with that record.

    On top of this, Dallas fumbled the ball four times in the first quarter, And lost three of them in their own territory. And they went for it TWICE on 4th down kickoffs with 'trick' plays that failed pretty miserably.

    How in the world do you win a game where you turn it over 5 times and your opponent has zero turnovers? Well, you gotta get a little lucky. You can easily say this is the most improbable Cowboys win ever, possibly even the most improbable come from behind win ever in the NFL. But you can also say this is one of the worst collapses ever by a team with a lead. Atlanta is no stranger to historic collapses (Super Bowl loss when they were up 28-3 on the Pats). But I think statistically this is worse.

    Dallas didn't produce any turnovers and they only got one sack and they made so many questionable or outright dumb coaching moves all game long. But thanks to great offensive play, good enough defense and Atlanta making costly mistakes at the worst possible times, they won one of the craziest games I think I have seen as a lifelong fan of them, maybe ever.

    The capper, Dallas got an onside kick with less than 2 minutes to go with no timeouts thanks to a creative slow kick that seemed to utterly confuse Atlanta. It's at the end of this highlight heel, one I recommend watching all the way through if you missed this game:

    Falcons vs. Cowboys Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2020

    Or if you just wanna see the onside kick:

    Cowboys Recover Onside Kick & Cap off EPIC Comeback!

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    Amazing game. What's even more interesting is the Falcons turn around lose ANOTHER game in epic fashion the very next week. Sucks to be Falcons fan right about now..

    Bears vs. Falcons Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2020

    And then the Cowboys play another pretty wild game against Seattle, that was almost just as up and down.

    Cowboys vs. Seahawks Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2020

    Gotta say these are two of the most entertaining teams to watch so far. Win or lose its certainly fun.