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Makes No Sense for College Football to have 2020 Title Game

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    College football seasons are so short that losing a single game in the regular season can drop you from top 4 to out of the playoffs for good, unless you get lucky.

    Given that, I don't think the NCAA should be playing around with doing a playoff and national title game for 2020. It's not really fair because some conferences are playing 12 or 13 games while others are only playing 7. Or whatever the official game counts end up being.

    Unless their equation somehow perfectly weights and factors all of this expertly, which won't happen, I don't see how its fair. More games = more chances to lose, especially since everyone is playing more in-conference than usual. So teams in the SEC for example will have a tougher overall schedule than usual, and teams from the Pac-12 will, imo, have it way easier.

    Does this make any sense to you, for the NCAA to allow 2020 playoffs and the national title game, pretending like this is a regular season? I say just stick to conference championships and be done with it. Otherwise you maybe could only let certain conferences qualify, but does anyone really want to win that way, with a big * next to that year in the record books?

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    How is this REALLY any different than any other year? If Alabama plays 12 games in a "regular" year but plays 4 cream puffs haven't they, in essence, played 8 games? Honestly this season should make it easier and faster to see who the better teams are. How many teams start 4-0 and end up 6-6? With most teams playing at least the teams in their own conference we should easily know who the best teams are in each conference and in a quicker time frame. The teams that benefit from not playing non-conference would be the smaller conference teams and let's face it, they probably aren't getting invited to the dance anyway. The playoff teams will most likely be from the 5 power conferences anyway and it shouldn't be a problem figuring out who will represent from those conferences.

    And the teams playing more games will likely have more time off in December to get ready and healthy. Just play the games already.

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    Certainly up for debate. Been thinking about it, you do make some good points.. now I'm thinking the better answer here is to expand the playoffs instead of scrapping the year. I know I'm not the only one saying this - its a pretty popular opinion the last few weeks with Pac-12 trying to get in. Recommend this read, not too long:

    Why the College Football Playoff should expand in 2020

    We could use 2020 as an experiment for what an expanded playoffs could look like. Give non power 5 conference teams a chance to get in the mix, and make it much more interesting and exciting down the stretch. Of course this solution requires a bubble city and lots of moving parts, but pro sports at least have given somewhat a template for the NCAA. Could be completely voluntary; I would imagine most if not all teams and most all players would be on board if it meant competing in an 8 or even better 16 team playoff.

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    I think make the best of a bad situation. Have the game. Rankings and all that have been a little bit of a mess in college football for decades anyways. Its never been fair. This isn't a bad way to go about it.