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Lebron's 9th Finals Appearance in 10 Seasons

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    I want to say MJ was the best, end of discussion. But how do you look at Lebron, who is playing in his 9th NBA Finals series in 10 seasons, with 3 different teams, and not say he is the best to ever play the game?

    I guess when you look at other numbers, it starts to get a little confusing. Lebron is only 3-6 in the Finals to date. So there's that. MJ went 6 for 6. And likely would have gone 7 for 7.. but we all saw that 30 for 30.

    So Lebron made it more times than MJ but has only won half of what Jordan did so far, with three more tries. Lebron is in his 17th season and MJ only played 15, really less as not all of that was with the Bulls.

    Anyways, that 9/10 appearances stat really does make me wonder if he really is better than MJ. And his legacy overall, simply because he has done with three different teams. That's something no one else can say. And if he wins he will be the MVP yet again, for the third different team. No one else has ever done that.

    MJ had Scottie and Rodman and that talent around him, a base for years. But Lebron has done it with other superstars AND zero talent around him. It doesn't matter. 90% of the time in an entire decade HE makes it happen. You can't in good faith say MJ would have done the same thing. Maybe, maybe not. We don't really know.

    I don't fault Lebron for losing to those Warrior teams simply because it was amazing he got those teams into the Finals in the first place. To me he is the best player of this generation and its not close. And he probably is the best NBA player ever.

    Looking forward to this Finals. I like the Heat, but I suspect it will be a Lebron show, and possibly a Lakers sweep or close to.

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    No doubt Lebron is a top 2-3 player ever. The debate of him vs MJ vs a few others for very very best will continue forever, as it comes down to at least some subjectivity. But it is jaw dropping to see him in the Finals 9/10 times in a decade.

    He didn't completely WOW in game 1, so he is going to have to take over a few games this 2020 series, otherwise Anthony Davis is going to win the MVP. But I would guess Lebron doesn't care too much about the MVP, he just wants his 4th.

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    Got himself another MVP, though it probably should have went to AD.