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Dak Prescott Suffers Ankle Injury. What's Next for the Cowboys?

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    Just when I thought the Cowboys' season couldn't get any worse.. here we are. Dak Prescott, the Cowboys' star quarterback suffered a pretty horrible ankle injury in the third quarter of Sunday night's game against the Giant's. The official word is that he suffered a dislocated right ankle that included a compound fracture. Even though Prescott left the game early, the team put in back up qb Andy Dolton to lead the them to a slim 37-34 victory.

    I wonder what this looks like for the Cowboys. Prescott has been their saving grace recently. I don't know what an Andy Dolton lead Cowboys looks like..


    Dak has had a successful surgery and is expected to be out of the hospital on Monday. Even though this is great, great news for both Prescott and the Cowboys, there's alot to think about here. Alot can happen during his recovery time. Though hopefully his leg heals up right and he's back on the field for next season.

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    Seems like Dak's injury should heal in time for him to be back at 100% health, by next season. Certainly done for the year though. Of course we don't 100% know there won't be any setbacks. But this type of injury isn't typically career ending or anything like that.

    As for the Cowb0ys this season, I think Dalton is a fine backup. And they have an embarrassment of riches on the offensive side of the ball with WRs Gallup, Cooper and Lamb. Best trio in the league. Then they have Zeke and Pollard in the backfield, so you couldn't ask for a better offense for a backup to step into, especially one that was a pro for I believe 10 seasons. He wasn't great in Cinci, but he had some good years.

    I think the Cowboys will make the playoffs and be bounced quick. But they are still the best team in the division, pretty easily.

    As for Dak's future.. that's WAY more murky. He was playing this season on the franchise tag. So I'm at least happy he is guaranteed all that $30 million + monies, injury or no. He deserves every dime. But the fact he never signed a long term contract puts 2021 and beyond in doubt. It depends on how the Cowboys finish the season. If they go 2-14, they might think about drafting their next QB and try and move on from Dak. If they make the playoffs, I imagine they either franchise tag Dak again (at some absurd amount of money) or talk him into a team friendly deal.

    If Dak has played his last game as a Cowboys, I think the free agency market next year will be good to him. I don't necessarily see that happening, but there's no way of knowing now. He needs to heal and the Cowboys have to see what life is like for 12 games and a possible postseason without Dak.

    I think Dak is a great quarterback. He isn't elite, but is so solid. He never missed a snap before this injury and he is one of my favorite players in the league. If not my favorite. Feel bad for him for sure. Soon as I saw that play I knew his season was over.

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    I think Dak will be back at full strength next season. Also think Dalton is a great backup and the Cowboys will make the playoffs. Predict they have a more balanced offense going forward, with Zeke getting a lot more carries down the stretch.