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MLB's Craziest Season Yet Ends with Excellent World Series

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    After baseball got off to its weirdest start of any season ever, the two best teams ended up in the World Series, even with a funky playoff format. Somehow baseball got it right and the 2020 World Series is a great matchup - Rays vs Dodgers.

    I always root for the underdog in the WS, but this year I think both deserve the win. The Dodgers lost the World Series in 2017 and 2018. And haven't won since 1988. As good as they have been at turning things around, I think they have earned a title.

    But the Rays have never won. And their city just won the Stanley Cup so I think it would be really cool to see them win the World Series too. Especially since Tom Brady-led Bucs seem actually likely to make a Super Bowl try. I wanna see the Trifecta.

    Which do you think would be the better story? Either way this should be a great series. You have Glasnow and Kershaw battling in the game 1, not sure it gets better than that for the MLB.

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    Rays. Really hope it goes to a game 7. They have been trading games so far going into game 6. Been a great series so far.
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    It really was a great world series. The Dodgers absolutely deserved to win this one!