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Cam Newton Fumbles in Redzone

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    First of all, I'm not making this post to rag on Cam for fumbling the ball. Justin Zimmer just made an excellent play to get the ball from Cam (video below). Not really his fault for not seeing that coming. But this is just another instance of something that I've been saying for a while now.

    I just don't see how anyone can think Cam Newton is a good quarterback anymore. I just don't get it. Everyone keeps fawning over his....what?.... 1 year that he took the Panthers to the Super Bowl, years ago. His running skills that were absolutely destroyed by Von Miller years ago? He hasn't done anything noteworthy since then.

    The situation the Patriots are in right now is exactly the reason Belichick only signed him for 1 year. I assume after what's happened so far with the Pats this season that Belichick will use another starter and Cam will end up on the bench (not immediately, but for a possible next season). Then again, he may end up with another team. If that's the case, this whole routine of praising Cam Newton as "a good starter for xx team" or "look at how much he's matured!" will come around once more. It will then come with the same conclusion.

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    Couldn't agree more.

    What's perhaps even more interesting here is Bill Belichick. Everyone calls him the undisputed best coach in the world. And that he can coach up any team, and always be at least very competitive, if not make it to the Super Bowl every year. Well, this season is certainly challenging that notion.

    Brady leaves for TB and they are 6-2 halfway through. The Pats let Brady go and keep Belichick, and they are 2-5. With basically no chance of making the playoffs.

    So at least 8 games through I think we can settle the debate over which matters more - coaching or elite talent. Coaching is certainly a big part of it. But if you don't have the players, you won't win. You cannot just insert Cam for Brady and except to win another Super Bowl, just because you have a good coach. Clearly it does not work that way.

    Cam is no Brady. And I'm starting to downgrade Belichick from coaching genius to just a very good coach. They have also had to deal with injuries so its not all on Cam and Bill. Brady went to a very well balanced, talented team and elevated them to the next level. So its not a perfect comparison. But good enough for me so far.

    Cam won't make it on the team next year. And I'm not even sure how many more games he will start for the Pats. That's such a far way removed from predictions that Cam could be the MVP this year... yeah, not so much.

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    Yeah, I've always heard people singing the praises of Bill Belichick. Being an NFL novice makes it hard to understand what the big deal is. His record is certainly impressive with 8 Super Bowl rings in tow. Do you think that he is just getting older and isn't on top of his game like he used to be? Or do you think he was always just a very good coach, not the genius everyone said he was?