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Dustin Johnson's Record Breaking Masters Win

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    DJ has a history of coming out short at the Masters. And even though he was the #1 golfer in the world entering the 84th Masters, he wasn't the first choice to win it all. But he lead the field so convincingly after the second and third rounds it became clear, it was his to lose.

    In round 4 he bogeyed 5 and 6 and his lead shrunk by 1. Started to look like history repeating itself. But he course corrected with two birdies to close out the back nine, and never stumbled after that.

    Shot a -20 and won it all by 5 strokes.

    A -20 is a Masters record at Augusta. The previous record was Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth both winning with a -18.

    It's his 2nd major win of his career. He also the 2016 US Open. Happy for the guy. He finished top 10 in the last five Masters tournaments he's been in. So that's a half decade of being great but just not good enough. Now he clearly is.

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    It was a great tournament. I'm really happy to see Dustin win this one after his record. Must be a crazy good feeling coming out on top of the Masters.

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    One heck of a comeback for sure. And to top it all off, he not only recovered, but set a new record while he was at it.