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How good is Duke's Jalen Johnson?

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    Duke seems to have a phenom on their hands. Jalen Johnson. He's 6' 9'', 220 and arguably in the conversation of the best in college basketball right now. As a freshman.

    Here's his debut:

    Duke's Jalen Johnson stuns with double-double debut vs. Coppin State

    Just how good is this kid? He was a consensus five-start recruit out of high school, which you would expect for Duke to grab. But I was shocked to see how tall he is, being a small forward. Are we looking at the next future NBA superstar, or does he have weaknesses to his game that would prevent that?

    I don't know really anything about him. Just from the little I've seen and read, looks like the perfect recipe for a future NBA great.

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    He definitely is a play maker. I was watching the video sorta with an NBA filter, like trying to imagine if it was an NBA game. Sounds silly, but I really could see him becoming an NBA great for sure.
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    It's always interesting seeing these guys come out with huge first years. Those are my favorite to follow. Seems like most of the time they continue on being a NCAA star till they're drafted then end up being the small fish in a big pond.