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Mavericks Destroy the Clippers by 51 Points

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    The Dallas Mavericks absolutely destroyed the LA Clippers on Sunday with a 50-point lead at just halftime (77 to 27). You'd think the Clippers would have made some of that up by the end of the game, but nope. The final score for the game ended at 124 to 73. A total of 51 points apart. That's a record setting game, at least for the halftime numbers.

    I've now been seeing alot of speculation and overreacting after this and a few other surprising opening games. I think it's important for everyone to remember to calm down a bit. This is just the opening of the season. A whole lot can happen over the next few weeks and the very first few games shouldn't (and won't) determine how the rest of the season looks for any given team.

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    Definitely doesn't mean much in the big scheme of the season.. but still awesome to see. Very Happy Clips didn't have Leonard but still. Shows what the Mavs are capable of any given night.
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    How do you win by 51 but start 1-3? I haven't watched any of their games yet but that's very disappointing to see. Like you said, can't tell much from one game.