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DeVonta Smith's Amazing Heisman Trophy Winning Season

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    DeVonta Smith caught 105 passes for 1,641 yards and 20 touchdowns. That's good enough to lead the entire country, in every category. He's the frontrunner to win the Heisman and would be the first wide receiver to do so since 1991 (Desmond Howard).

    Been a weird year to say the least. Stats may mean less significant this year than most. But doesn't mean brilliance shouldn't be rewarded, and Smith's season was definitely that. Also noteworthy that he wasn't even necessarily the #1 passing option in Alabama until Jaylen Waddle got hurt in late October.

    Other finalists are Alabama's QB Mac Jones, Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and Florida's QB Kyle Trask. QBs and RBs almost always get the Heisman. I'm definitely rooting for Smith and think its time a wideout got it, after almost 30 years!

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    Alabama’s Smith becomes 1st WR to win Heisman in 29 years

    Awesome. He got 447 first-place votes. Trevor Lawrence got 222. Mac Jones 138, Kyle Trask 61.

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    Good one. Thumbs Up