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Expanded NFL playoffs actually makes everything better

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    I was skeptical about the NFL wanting to expand the playoffs, letting more teams in. And also them taking the #2 seed's bye away from them. All seemed like a money grab and that it would water down the quality of teams and play in the wildcard round.

    But have to admit I was wrong. This is better. Only one team from each conference getting a bye puts more pressure on the #1 and #2 seeds down the stretch to compete. There's more excitement about extra wildcard team getting in, therefore making more teams compete at the end of the season. And you get triple headers on Saturday and Sunday!

    You enjoying the new version of the NFL Playoffs as much as me? The NFL doesn't have a great rep for changing their format with the times, but I think they did a good move here, and of course they profit from it but I think so do the fans and the game.

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    Yeah, I've been saying this for a while that most professional sports leagues should change things up. They should follow NASCAR's example, they made some really positive changes. Looks like the NFL is doing the same.
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    I'm always welcome to these kinds of changes for pro sports. What I don't like is when they stick to the rules as they stand, just for the sake of it. Playoffs need to be restructured sometimes.