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Djokovic Faces Backlash for Proposed Australian Open Changes

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    There are currently around 72 Australian Open players in quarantine after several flights into Melborne had passengers test positive. All of the planes were carrying athletes which lead to the mass quarantine of players. This has obviously sprung some pretty massive issues for all the players and the tournament itself.

    Novak Djokovic proposed several changes that he believed would help the situation and instead received backlash from fans and a super quick denial by the Victoria Premier, Daniel Andrews.

    I'm honestly not too sure why all the hate on this. Djokovic's proposals weren't anything crazy. He basically wanted training equipment in every room, especially for those in quarantine. He wants to move players to houses with courts and be able to visit coaches more freely. The only one I see the issue with is he wanted those exposed to have less days in quarantine.

    People need to relax a bit. I understand this is a tricky situation and we all need to be careful. But the only thing I see that he said that wasn't great was about relaxing quarantine days. Other than that I think everyone can agree the rest of the stuff is perfectly fine.

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    Yeah I agree. Djokovic doesn't seem to be pretending like its no big deal, he just seems to be looking out for players. Maybe not all his ideas were good, but I had no problem with him voicing his opinions. He is the top male tennis player in the world, so its not like he doesn't have a right to speak up with some ideas.

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    Right? I don't get where the hate is coming from. Not every idea is going to be great. And not every bad idea needs to be met with criticism.