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The NFL Pro Bowl Played Virtually in Madden 21

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    Well this is awesome! The 2021 NFL Pro Bowl is going to be held completely virtually via Madden 21. I must say, this is the most excited I've ever been to watch the Pro Bowl. As we all know, this year just isn't the year to be playing a non-sensical game such as this. It's already a risk just playing the regular season games. To have everyone meet up and play for the Pro Bowl as usual would be pretty silly, especially considering not that many people even care to watch it to begin with.

    To have this year be completely virtual and played on Madden 21 is an outstanding move. Looks like the reps are as follows:


    Deshaun Watson

    Derrick Henry

    Keyshawn Johnson

    Snoop Dogg


    Jamal Adams

    Kyler Murray

    Marshawn Lynch

    Bubba Wallace

    The leaders above will control their respective teams in Madden which will have all they players that were originally on the AFC and NFC rosters. The event will be broadcast on ESPN and the official EA Madden Twitch channel, among other popular streamers via watch parties.

    I think this should be the new way to play the Pro Bowl from now on. This is a great idea.

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    Definitely more exciting than the normal Pro Bowl. I agree, I'll actually watch this one. Should be fun.
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    Good move. With Pro Bowl dropping in ratings every year, it's very smart of the NFL to take a page from the NBA and do this.