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Rams and Lions Swap QBs, Time for Stafford to Shine

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    The Detroit Lions traded away QB Matthew Stafford to the LA Rams, in exchange for their QB Jared Goff, plus a 2021 3rd round pick AND a 1st round pick in 2022 and 2023.

    That's amazing, and it clearly says the Rams lost faith in Goff a long long time ago and think Stafford is leagues better.

    I think this is actually great for both teams. The Rams are Super Bowl contenders defensive wise already. And I do think that Stafford is a significant improvement over Goff, who is just average. All the pressure will be on Stafford though to deliver now.

    And for the Lions who seem to always be in rebuild mode, they get a competent QB and the ability to draft key playmakers around Goff for the next 3 years. OR ya know, draft a better QB in that time.

    Think Stafford will make the most of his new team? What are the chances he gets to the Super Bowl in let's say the next 5 years?

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    I really hope Stafford does well with the Rams. I also think he's a major leap forward from Goff and that he'll make the team better overall. It'd be awesome if he got the Rams to the Super Bowl within the next few years. I think it's possible.
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    Stafford's never had the full package like Rams can offer him - the best defense in the league (or at least top 2-3) and a full compliment of really good to great receivers - assuming they all stay healthy. Plus solid running backs because the Lions were historically the worst running team over Stafford's entire stint with them.

    So he has the team and now just needs to live up to it. I think asking him to make the Super Bowl and win it his first year is crazy, given that greats like Rodgers and Brees only made it once or twice, and only won it once. And not to mention he is now in the same conference as Brady, who will clearly be the NFC favorite for at least 1 to 2 more seasons.

    But he makes the Rams better. And at the end of the day that's the best a franchise can do - make their team as good as possible and hope for the best. They'll be serious contenders for as long as Stafford is healthy and that defense remains in tact.

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    Oh, look who the Rams just added, DeSean Jackson. Interesting..
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    Good trade for LA. They know they have a Super Bowl caliber team because they just made the Super Bowl. And who here doesn't think that Matthew Stafford doesn't put enough points for the Rams defense to win the Super Bowl in 2019. That was an embarrassing offensive performance by Goff gifting Tom Brady a ring that year.