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Tom Brady Defeats the Chiefs to Win His 7th Super Bowl

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    Well, he did it. Tom Brady has won his seventh Super Bowl ring. That's crazy.. I honestly didn't think that Brady would be able to take the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in the first year he was with them. But not only did he take them to it, he actually beat the Chiefs 9 to 31 and won the Super Bowl.

    For him to win the SB in his first year with the Bucs is just crazy to me. What's also crazy is just how much the Chiefs fell apart during that game. Mahone wasn't making any good passes. His defensive line wasn't protecting him. When he did throw the ball good people weren't catching them.. Just a mess. If the Chiefs would have played like they did all year this game would've been completely different.

    Well.. I have to say it. Congrats to Brady and the Bucaneers. Yall deserve the afterparty.

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    Props to the Buccs defense. They completely dismantled the Chief's Oline. And Brady was pretty great. I think that was their most dominant game all year, and it just shows how great Brady, Gronk and that defense is when the lights are the brightest.

    I certainly wanted Mahomes to win. But its clear the better team won.

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    The Buccs turned out to be the absolute best team for Brady to pick to go to. He picked a team with a great, up and coming defense and one that had a solid offense core, that only needed a few more pieces, which Arians and himself where able to acquire (Fournette, Gronk, AB).

    I don't think the Buccs were even a playoff team without Brady so this does speak to his greatness beyond all else. But also his football intelligence - he could have chose many other teams to finish out his career in and they likely ALL would have been a worse choice.