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NFL Stadiums to Become Vaccine Distribution Sites

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    Recently the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell offered up every single NFL stadium as emergency vaccine administration sites in a letter to the Biden administration, and now Biden has taken Goodell up on his offer. To paraphrase, the letter simply said that all NFL stadiums may be used for vaccine sites for as long as necessary. A snippet of Goodells letter said that they "will make their stadiums available for mass vaccinations of the general public in coordination with local, state, and federal health officials".

    This is in addition to the already 7 NFL stadiums that are currently using their facilities as testing sites. The current sites are:

    New England







    These teams that are already using their stadiums as testing sites are going to have a massive head start. But I can assume that since they're already up and running well that it really shouldn't be all that hard to retrofit them and implement the same functions at all the other stadiums. I really hope this happens. It would be a huge help to have large vaccine stations like this. I should also note that this isn't set in stone just yet. But with the way things are going with the Biden admin and a good number of NFL teams already using their stadiums for similar things, I'd say it has a really good chance.

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    This is amazing news. Hopefully this will help speedup the rollout and distribution.
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    Why every NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football, MLS, MLB, [insert sport stadium/field here] isn't at least planning to be a mass vaccination site is baffling to me. It's great to see some teams and owners stepping up, but using huge stadiums that can safely usher thousands of people in and out to get people their shots is kind of a no-brainer to me.