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Team LeBron vs Team Durant - NBA All-Star Game

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    The NBA All-Star Game is still doing their new format which I'm a big fan of. Basically the top vote getters in each conference become captains and draft their teams, from a roster that was chosen by fans, players, media and coaches.

    This year its Lebron vs Durant.

    Lebron chose:

    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Stephen Curry
    Luka Doncic
    Nikola Jokic
    Jaylen Brown
    Paul George
    Rudy Gobert
    Damian Lillard
    Chris Paul
    Domantas Sabonis
    Ben Simmons

    Durant chose:

    Anthony Davis
    James Harden
    Zach Levine
    Donovan Mitchell
    Julius Randle
    Nikola Vucevic
    Bradley Beal
    Joel Embiid
    Kyrie Irving
    Kawhi Leonard
    Jayson Tatum
    Davin Booker

    I think Lebron did a great job and looks to have the more stacked team by far to Durant's. Of course they are all great players but Lebron, Giannis, Curry and Luka on the same team just seems unfair. :)

    I'm definitely more of a West conf fan over the East, so I'll be rooting for Lebron's squad. Also cool that they compete for every quarter and not just the final score, and proceeds go to charity, at least some of them I think.

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    Embiid and Simmons had to sit for tracing reasons. So that means Zion is in. Good stuff. Oh and Curry won the 3 point contest, again. GOAT from behind the arc.

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    Really fun watch.

    They did everything on the same night so they did the 3 point contest prior to tip, and the slam dunk is during halftime.

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    Enjoyed the 3 point contest too, Curry's one of my favorites.

    The game itself was good. Of course they back off defense wise so the score was crazy high but here's the highlights: