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Bryson DeChambeau's effect on The Players Tournament

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    Seems like the golf world is trying to adjust to and even emulate Bryson DeChambeau's game. And at the same time, the PGA is changing course rules to tamper down his advantage, when it comes to crazy long drives. They modified some holes at The Players for example, notably hole 18, to make it more 'Bryson-proof':

    “In the interest of safety for spectators, volunteers and other personnel, the Players Championship Rules Committee has installed an internal out of bounds left of the lake for play on hole 18.”

    Also thought it was interesting to see Rory of all people come out and say he has been trying to change his game to be more like Bryson. Which is odd to see as we used to think of Rory as one of the longest, most powerful drivers in the game. He also says it's at least temporarily hurt his game.

    At the moment Bryson is -11 down and in 2nd place on the final round at The Players, just behind Lee Westwood at -13. If he keeps stacking up wins, or at least top 3 finishes, he will continue to put the golfing world on its toes. Fascinating to watch a single player change an entire sport like this.

    Tiger did it. Now its Bryson.

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    He got third. But still the talk of the tournament. And probly my favorite golfer right now even though he's comically arrogant.
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    It's funny to me that they're making changes to tamper down his advantage. If he's got it and it fits in with the rules, let him use it to win.