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Duke out of March Madness after 26 year run, Kentucky out too

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    Duke hasn't missed an NCAA tournament in 26 years but after going 9-9 in the regular season and being forced to withdraw from the ACC tournament due to illnesses, they just didn't have the resume to qualify as a top 68 team in the country.

    That's wild as not only do they always make it, they are usually in the Elite Eight and Final Four.

    And then Kentucky, the most successful NCAA team in history, missed the cut as well. Not sure what to think of making a bracket that doesn't even have Kentucky and Duke as options...

    And then Louisville, another team that's always a big player in the tournament didn't make it through Selection Sunday either. They did also miss out in 2018, but have made it most every year since at least 1979.

    With these major teams out and with the roller coaster season that it's been so far it's really anyone's guess to how the tournament and bracket will play out this time. It's always very hard to get a perfect bracket (basically impossible) and now I feel like the odds just got even harder.

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    Wild indeed. Don't know what to think about this year. Everyone at least is picking Gonzaga across the board so there is consensus there. Usually they are my favorite mid seed that I want to upset the big teams, like Duke. So it's odd to see them as the stalwart favorites and not the small team overachievers.
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    That's a shame but it's fine with me. This mixes up the tournament much more than usual. I'm all for that.