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Talent is heavily on Gonzaga and Baylor's side for NCAA tournament

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    Gonzaga is the best team in the nation right now, and it's not even really that close. They went a perfect 26-0 in the regular season, and got the top #1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. Four of their players made SI's top 50 players of the season, all ranking in the top 10. And Corey Kispert, their leading scorer, made AP's first team All-American, while two of their other players made the second team.

    Baylor's Jared Butler also made the AP All-American first team, and is considered one of if not the best players in the country right now. And Davion Mitchell made the third team. Baylor went 22-2 and only really showed any signs of being beatable in the Big 12 conference semifinals where they lost a close one to Oklahoma State.

    Even still, stacking top talent on your roster is a recipe for winning NCAA titles and making deep March Madness runs. I just don't see anyone hanging with Gonzaga or Baylor until they get to the Final Four. If either loses before that it'll be a massive upset. I do also think one of these teams wins it all, and would be perfect if they played each other in the final game.

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    It's always fun watching the favorites play. But in my opinion, it's all about the underdogs. Watching the favorites win is just kind of boring. I want to see the team that no one thought could win take home the trophy.
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    Pretty amazing when you look back on history but the #1 overall seed hasn't won the tournament since 2007. And #1 overalls have only made to the Final Four twice in a decade. That's crazy.

    Even with that I don't care. Gonzaga will win the whole thing, they are that dominate. Not only did they go perfect through 26 games, but 25 of them were double digit wins. Who can beat them? I think like 40% of all brackets have them winning so it's not a hot take but I think they will buck the trend and do it.

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    UCLA gave Gonzaga a great run but in the end its the matchup that should happen. As strong as Baylor has been in the tournament I'm not sure who will win this game. I was for sure on Gonzaga but it's historically so hard to go perfect.