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I'm excited to see fans in the stands at MLB games

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    One of the biggest changes to all sports recently has been not allowing any fans in the arenas for the games. It's been weird knowing that the networks have been digitally adding in crowd noise and little fake people in the stands. Though the past month or so we've seen certain arenas and teams begin to allow actual fans in the stands. It's at a much smaller capacity, but any fans actually getting to be there in person is a huge leap forward from where we were. And now that we're in a much better position with vaccines it's going to be really cool to see crowded arenas again, especially with MLB. That's the one that feels the strangest to me.
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    Good news as MLB did the worst job in my opinion of fake crowds and fake noise. It was comical to the point I would watch a few games just to see how bad a job they did. The NBA and NFL did a great job by comparison.