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Lamelo facing LeBron for the first time

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    Rookie of the year front-runner Lamelo Ball is going to face LeBron for the first time in his year. Ball is 19, and LeBron has been playing for 18 years - almost as long as Ball has been alive. To me, that would be very intimidating, especially if my brother who also plays in the NBA modeled his game after LeBron - which is the case for Ball. Instead of showing any sort of nervousness, he just said he didn't expect to feel any added excitement going against LeBron.

    "I go to every game with the same approach -- going in to try to get a win," he said.

    Even though, he said it will be "cool" to face LeBron. I guess he has his wits about him and isn't showing how nervous he really is. Can anyone else think of a similar situation that had an effect on a rookie's performance? Or, any highly anticipated rookie vs veteran face offs?