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usmnt soccer team's journey to qualify for the olympics

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    Ok so I just went down a rabbit hole. Was curious what the US Men's soccer team was up to lately and stumbled upon the CONCACAF Men's Olympic Qualifying Championship, which is going on right now.

    Basically its a regional qualifier to get into the Olympic tournament in Tokyo, and it's only for players under 23 years old. The age cap sets it apart from looking too much like the FIFA World Cup which I think is cool.

    Don't know how I never heard about this but is interesting and something I'll definitely be following now. They got Costa Rica in the first game and beat them 4-0. So I like there chances so far. They haven't qualified for the event since 2008 but maybe this is our year! (I know, I'm a fair-weather fan, bandwagon and all that, but better late..)

    Anyways, keep up with it on their site; details everything. And post cool highlights below.