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North Texas upsets Purdue for their first NCAA tournament win

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    Really happy to say that my alma mater snagged their first NCAA tournament win in overtime against Purdue. I can't believe they beat them, or won anything for that matter. Finally we have some success in the world of NCAA. I remember while going to school there how are basketball and football teams were lack luster at best. Now I feel like we finally put ourselves on the map. I wonder how they'll stack up against the other teams though. Thoughts?
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    I bet it feels pretty awesome being able to say that your alma mater probably busted tens of millions of brackets this year!

    They looked pretty solid against a pretty good Purdue team. The BIG 10 was a powerhouse this year and they held their own and were able to secure a 5 seed, so kudos to North Texas.

    Who knows how far they will go. They beat a 4 seed, so it wouldn't be shocking if they beat 5 seed Villanova. Now that my bracket is fully busted, I'm going to be rooting for all the underdogs.

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    Great first win for them. A shame they lost to Villanova 84-61 in the second round, but getting your first NCAA win ever is a huge deal so it's still a great season for the Mean Green.