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How will Matthew Stafford be with new coaches

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    Matthew Stafford has been with the Lions for just over 12 years now. In that time he's had three different head coaches and numerous offensive coordinators. And now he's got a whole new setup once again. Sean McVay and Kevin O'connell are taking over as head coach and offensive coordinator. I'm sure he's used to the changes by this point, although he's never had these two in his camp. I'm really interested to see what happens this year for the Lions. I'm hoping that this pairing will work well for the team and Stafford gets to shine.
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    Yep. He is definitely used to this by now. Though with the Lions its been a carousel of mediocrity; he's never had the talent at coaching that he is stepping into with the Rams. We do have another thread on this subject, talking about the trade with the Rams.