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It's almost time to start praising Cam Newton again

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    It's almost the time for reports to start rolling in about how great Cam Newton is going to be this year. I've already read two articles claiming that this will be his year to shine with the Patriots, and that he's got a whole new arsenal with the Pats offensive line. This exact same thing happens every single year with Cam. What is going on? No other quarterback in the history of football gets this kind of treatment with his kind of stats. The fact that Belichick sign him as the starting quarterback is beyond me. Then everyone saw how that went. I will never understand the treatment Newton gets.

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    That's pretty right on. I don't get it either. Maybe others are right and he is just there to groom the next Brady heir? Makes this draft very interesting. All eyes on the Pats moving up to get their next franchise guy. I am more and more thinking it really could be Mac Jones.