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Bears pick ... Andy Dalton to bring them back to greatness

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    My beloved Bears seem to be going the route the Chicago Cubs took for 100 plus years, which seems to always start with the question "how can we never win a championship?"

    After going all-in on Mitch Trubisky the same year they could have picked up PATRICK MAHOMES, we now go all-in on a quarterback who has been in the league for 10 years yet hasn't won a SINGLE playoff game! Goodness gracious.

    I honestly wonder what in the world they are thinking other than completely writing this season off in the hopes of getting some good draft picks in 2022. What else could they possibly be doing because picking a veteran quarterback who has never won a playoff game as the face of the franchise just seems mind-boggling to me.

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    The Bears seem to be the one team in the league trying to prove you can win without a great QB. Yeah good luck with that. I'm sure it's tempting to only spend $10 mil on a QB so you have cap room to spend on all the pieces around him, but you can't go cheap on the most important position and expect anything but mediocrity. That's why the Cowboys signed Dak for $40mil+ a season, instead of rolling with Dalton again. Good enough is not good enough.
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    I wouldn't right Andy Dalton off just yet. He's not a huge star quarterback but I think he might do well with the Bears. I'm interested to see what he does.