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nba top shot - anyone on this nft crave?

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    My local radio station, the Ticket here in Dallas, actually turned me on to this crave. I know what NFTs are but what I didn't know is the pure insanity of the market the NBA has created where they are selling digital collectibles as NFTs. It's wildly popular and I must say, pretty cool. Called Top Shot.

    You basically purchase digital 'moments' (that play like short GIFs) of certain NBA players as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The NFT part gives the moments unique ID numbers that can be digitally verified, proving you own what you say you own. So its like collecting NBA cards like you did when you were a kid, but all digital.

    I haven't bought any yet as they are actually hard to come by, even when just trying to buy the starter kits. But curious if anyone else here has looked into this or even owns some Top Shot NFTs?