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Rematch of Francis Ngannou v Stipe Miocic in UFC 260

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    Excited for this fight more than any in a long while - Francis Ngannou v Stipe Miocic. I was certain the first time they fought in 2018 that Ngannou was going to not only win but be dominant. But that did not happen. Stipe showed he was the smarter and better overall fighter and he methodically and impressively controlled that fight, and proved everyone jumping on the Francis bandwagon wrong; fundamentals and well-rounded skill can certainly beat out brute strength and raw power.

    But Ngannou was inexperienced, much younger and less refined. That's all changed now. I don't know what will happen in this fight but I have it feeling it will be a classic.

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    I actually just posted about this too before I saw your thread. I'm really excited for this match. I love when fighters go for another round, especially when the first fight was decided and not by knockout or submission.
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    Alright enough time has passed. Time to post highlights and recap, and to talk about that fight...

    Speaking of, oddly not too much to say other than that was like a boy vs a grown man fight. I'm sorry Stipe but I don't think you should have taken that fight being 30 pounds lighter. Good on you for trying though, you're one tough dude. But Ngannou is just as scary as everyone says and I'm not sure anyone can take more than a punch or two from him right now.

    He needs competition closer to his weight class at this point. I'm not talking UFC weight class, I mean what they actually weigh on fight day.

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    Oh and here's the CBS highlight and commentary on the fight.