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nfl draft moves

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    The 49ers trade up to get the 3rd overall pick from the Dolphins, giving away two #1s in future drafts to do it. In turn Miami drops down to #12 spot. Miami in turn then trades with Philly for the #6 pick and gives Philly one of those future #1s for next year, dropping Philly to #12.

    Follow me so far? :)

    So why would the 49ers do this? Everyone expects at least 3 qbs to go in the first 4-5 picks. So this clearly suggests they are looking to replace Jimmy G, but question is with who exactly? Are they that confident in the top qbs left on the board after Lawrence that they are good with whoever isn't taken #2? Or do you think they know who will be there at #3?

    I think you can't gamble with future picks like that unless you are 100% sure your guy will be there for you. I guess we can't rule out them taking a non-qb, but I don't think you would have had to move up that high for that purpose.

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    Who knows why the 49ers do what they do. I swear that team makes the most bizarre moves of any NFL team. I like the team as a whole but I think they need to control their offices more, not their players.
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    The Jets just traded Sam Darnold away to the Panthers, in exchange for 3 draft picks, and not very good ones at that. That means the Jets will 100% draft a QB with their #2 pick, likely Zach Wilson. So whatever the 49ers do they better account for 2 QBs off the board before the 3rd pick.