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NFL goes to 17-game regular season

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    The long awaited extra game is now a reality; the NFL just switched from a 16-game regular season league to a 17-game one. Adding an extra game is a big deal for such a violent sport, especially one where player's careers on average are already very short.

    Seems the players have mixed emotions over this, but should they? Having an extra game will ultimately mean more money for the league, which in turn is more money and bigger contracts for the sport and all it's players. So on a per game basis, I would think the players should be compensated the same. I can only see an issue with this if they ended up making less per game.

    I get the injury concern with another game but I think the finances have always outweighed injury concerns so I think another way to look at this is players will now make more money per season, just have to avoid injuries more.