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Why is soccer not as popular in the U.S.?

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    It's been asked many times, I know. Most people will say that America is too fixated on football. But we are they only country that seriously plays it. Soccer is huge throughout the rest of the world, and there's almost always something going on in the soccer world. One would think it would be more popular because it has more to offer as far as games, championships and country vs country competition. Seems there's way more variety, and plus you actually have World Championships, not just a sport that only one country plays. Ok, football fans, it's your turn to fire back. :)
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    I think it's as simple as NFL, MLB and NBA take the lead here in the U.S.. They are all so prominent here and people care so much about them that they don't really want another sport to watch. They love their current sport so much that they'd feel weird watching another one?
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    I think it really depends where you live in the states. Soccer has a pretty cult-like following in pockets of the states, but you are certainly correct it's not nearly as popular as other professional sports.

    Personally, I think it all comes down to money. Advertisers, and by extension the major networks, look at a game that only has one commercial break, which also happens to be halftime, in a two-hour timespan and wonder how in the world they could make any money off it.

    It's actually kind of sad. I love all major sports and have been to a dozen or more professional games of every major sport. And to me, soccer, by far, is the most exciting sport to watch live.