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McGregor vs Poirier Round 3

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    There's now talks that a McGregor vs Poirier trilogy match is already in the works for July 10. No matter if that date is accurate or not, this fight is most definitely my most anticipated fight of the year. McGregor won the first fight, Poirier won the second. Now what happens on the third fight is anyone's guess. I thought Poirier stood no chance in the second fight but I was wrong. He not only held his own but he maticulously took McGregor down. But this next fight will be different. McGregor is an absolute animal and knows where he needs corrections. My guess is he'll come back better than before. I would never say Poirier got lucky in the first fight but I don't think the second one will be so easy.
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    Been a rollercoaster of drama but the fight is officially on for July 10th. Conor is great about making adjustments like you say so I expect a very close fight with a slight edge for Conor. I think they are equally matched at this point in their careers.